Technical drawing

Our technical drawing teaches children specific steps to build their way to observe and approach technical drawing. Each step and technique teaches them how to think, adapt, find solutions, practice and patience with themselves. The techniques teach children to build projects whilst learning to become comfortable with making mistakes. The skills teach children life lessons to apply within their solution thinking every day.
Please click on the image to view the gallery of some of the technical drawing the children have worked through


Our Sculpture programs teach how to take drawing into proportion, turning into 3 dimension. Children learn the shapes behind the sculpture. Each step is broken down visually and planned ahead before working with clay. When children have worked out their plan, we introduce skills to work with professional clay. This includes the approach to building the end result, breaking down huge projects into simple and achievable steps. Clay teaches children how to take ideas and goals into a discovery of making them a reality. Please click on the image to view the gallery of some of the clay sculptures children have created


Our technical painting programs teach children how to work with, and how to gain confidence to use the painting medium. We then take children through a series of techniques to learn how to 'break the rules' of discovery, whilst children start to discover their own personal painting styles. They learn from each other and are encouraged to discover the power behind the paintbrush and paint. We believe it is important that children are painting what they love. Our lessons will use a prop to grasp the technique, then children are encouraged to apply their learning to their personal choice subject. We love that all children are unique in what they love, from unicorns, people to anime and landscapes. The objective is to teach children how to 'not be a copy' - and rather develop their personal subjects. Please click on the image to view the gallery of some of the paintings children have created

MIxed Medium

Our mixed medium programs include charcoal, soft pastel, colour pencils, pen and ink, brusho to exploring deeper how to work mediums together. Our programs look within the science of mixtures, test and trial together with our painting and drawing programs. Mixed medium can be discovered in many ways. Our objective is to give children the space to freedom explore without fearing mistakes. All our programs are there to unravel the mindset of being 'good, bad, right, wrong, pass or fail' This mindset can be limiting later in life as an adult. Our core objective is to build the individual within, let them explore, develop and grow without the confines of their mind. Please click on the image to view the gallery of some of mixed media projects created by children