Arts Awards

Arts Award Certification at
The Arts College

  • A recognised qualification
  • Professional support 
  • Expert tutoring 

We teach children to achieve high standard technical drawing and painting skills from the age of 5 years old, provide the professional tuition to achieve qualifications in art.

The Arts College will be offering Art Awards through Trinity College to be able to give your child:

  • A recognised qualification in art through the Arts Awards (without costing a fortune)
  • Professional support from our internal course assessor to support your child to receive their qualification (without wasting your valuable family time)
  • Expert tutoring from Justine who has been teaching art for over 20 years, with the knowledge to adapt the program to your child’s personal creative likes.

Our programs teach children to learn all the fundamental skills in drawing and painting to be able to change their process in thinking, adapt their knowledge to their passion and give them the opportunity to offer service in creative industries (not limiting them to one type of creativity).

Deadline for enrolment: 31st November 2018 (To new students attending)

Next enrolment date: from September 2018

What Art Awards Are Available?


This is the introductory award open to children and young people and can be completed at the college over a period of 16 classes (20 hours study is required) and is offered to students aged 5 – 9 years of age. The certificate process takes 6 months to complete.


This award is an Entry Level 3 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).It is designed for students aged 7 years and above. The certificate can be completed over a period of 20 classes with 25 hours classroom study and an additional 10 hours at home / out of the classroom experiences.

We offer Bronze and Silver Arts Awards.

This is an amazing opportunity and a great investment – please join us now and invest in your child’s future.  To discuss the awards with one of our team members email us at [email protected] or call 01903 529633.

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