About The Kid's Art College

What skills do our classes develop?

This program was developed because most places only offer this type of learning to young adults from the age of 16 years or older.

Skilled drawing and painting in art is about developing observation, planning and balanced brain development. Children are developing their fine motor muscles, as well as teaching their brains how to function until the age of 12 years old. This is supported through play and sensory crafts. Sadly, the importance of their drawing or painting skills being nurtured in early stages of a child’s life is not seen as important.

The program adapts to age of children with the intention of developing their skills from an early age.

What do our technical classes teach your child?

  • Educating children how to observe and understand drawing or painting techniques
  • Teaching specific techniques to achieve an outcome in their projects
  • Showing how to draw with a guided step by step process (as opposed to asking children to ‘just draw’ or ‘just paint’)
  • Supporting children to work towards understanding how artists achieve successfully in their proportions and painting skills
  • Constant step by step demonstration from the tutor
  • Teaching children how to respect the old master painter’s processes, materials and understand how practice as well as dedication has a successful outcome
  • Building a portfolio which can be kept for entry into any colleges
  • Freedom to explore other materials and ‘out the box’ creative thinking

How can art classes support your child emotionally?

  • Developing communication and social skills
  • Teaching your child to communicate creatively
  • Developing emotional skills especially empathy
  • Learning how to deal with anxiety and stress
  • Developing skills that teach your child how to problem solve
  • Learning to stop being afraid of making mistakes and fixing them with confidence
  • Confidence and self-esteem building

Classes focus on drawing and painting with the choice to explore various mediums in each class.