Creativity proves to help children cope through life experience as adults

After much research and case studies with children and adults, we found the more adults had the childhood of being around ‘arts’ and especially play – the more they found ways to cope through adult life experiences. When we introduced children to specific art projects on a regular basis who were going through experiences or reactive behaviour, the children started to calm down.

Art is not just an extra activity – it is a necessity. School stimulates learning, and logical education (which is mostly left brain development). Play and creativity gives children the skills to find ways to ‘think out the box’ as well as find ways to deal with situations presented to them.

Creativity (which is known as right brain) is just as important as logic thinking. How is this possible? Think of a young adult who now has to find a way to live in the world by paying bills, socializing, earning a living. School prepares children for the basics to understand what will happen when they are adults. Their functional skills from how to calculate their finances etc. Creativity prepares them for finding a creative solution when the situation is not working out the way they want it to. An example – if an adult cannot pay their bills they may decide to find another job, build and create a way to bring more money in to pay their bills. When people hear creative it is automatically assumed ‘art’. The process used to explore and create, build as well as change is a process which supports the way you think to solve situations.

When adults find that they cannot cope with life experiences, changes they have blocked their creativity and creative thinking. It is very important to use creativity into adult life which will help with coping through changes and adapting to situations. Creativity is like attending the gym every day to release stress in the mind and find a way.

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