Welcome to The Kid's Art College

What we do

We provide the following services:

  • Technical drawing and painting technique art classes using professional artist quality materials
  • Online technical art classes for children
  • Art qualifications through Arts Awards (Optional)
  • Arts psychology classes/ parent /school support
  • Online Parent toolkits to support their children through stress and anxiety through arts psychology (without having to do art)


We have information about all our classes we offer under our classes section.

  • Monday Art Classes
  • Tuesday Art Classes
  • Wednesday Classes
  • Saturday Art Classes
  • Arts Psychology weekday Classes
  • Parent and school support programs or information days

Events & Workshops

Art Classes focus on:

  • Learning techniques from professional artists
  • Exploring with professional artist mediums from watercolour, acrylic, oil paints, drawing to sculpting as well as discovering new materials in the art market.
  • Developing children’s drawing and painting skills
  • Developing their skills to build portfolios for their future careers in the creative world.
  • Preparing children with the basic fundamentals enabling them to be able to choose various creative careers from aspiring photographers, designers, artists to architects.

Classes are weekly with an hour and a half tuition.

Options to suit you financially as well as your child’s development in skill.

For more information, please click HERE.

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